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The return of legal gambling brings related business areas into play

Gambling in Ukraine does not develop in a vacuum. On the one hand, it directly depends on the political and socio-economic situation in the country. On the other hand, it has a direct impact on other economy sectors. That is why the gradual resumption of the work of legal operators is crucial for developing the gambling industry in Ukraine and activating the economy as a whole.

Of course, due to the current war, we cannot talk about a complete restoration of the gambling market. Numerous land-based gambling representatives do not operate at all or managed to resume their operations partially due to the loss of gambling halls in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The momentum of the online sector recovery is better, but the number of players and transactions is still far from the pre-war figures.

However, even a partial restoration of the legal gambling market will positively impact related economy sectors. Legal gambling operators are beginning to renew rental and advertising contracts and attract outsourcing IT and marketing companies to develop and promote new products. In total, at least 15 business areas benefit from cooperation with legal gambling operators. The most important in this list are the following areas:

1. Hotel business. Operators are starting to pay rent for hotel territories used as gambling halls and casinos.

2. Restaurant business. Land-based gambling establishments actively use the services of restaurants located in hotels and outsourcing catering companies.

3. Legal, financial, and audit consulting. The gambling business is complicated in terms of financial reporting and legal support. Thus, most legal gambling operators use the services of relevant consulting companies.

4. HR consulting. The gambling sector needs highly specialized specialists, which applies to both online and offline segments. That is why the recruitment process is impossible without the involvement of professional HR consultants.

5. Services of banks and payment systems. Taking into account that gambling is primarily money transactions, gambling companies bring banks and payment systems into play.

6. Construction and repair. The opening of new gambling halls or the resumption of work of the old ones is always associated with construction and repair services.

7. Gambling equipment maintenance. Another highly specialized business area that cannot exist without legal gambling operators.

8. Sponsorship and charity programs. Sponsorship funding for sports teams is gradually returning. Charity and volunteer initiatives, in particular those related to the support of the State and the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the war, are strengthening.

The above list is not exhaustive, but it clearly demonstrates the importance of the gambling sector to the State’s economic system. By cooperating with other companies, legal gambling operators help save jobs in other economy sectors, stimulate the creation of new products and services, and keep the financial system functioning.

The faster the gambling market recovers and develops, the more positive effect the interaction of gambling with other businesses will have. How fast this happens depends on when the war is over and when the relevant gambling tax draft law 2713-d is adopted.


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