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Safe and responsible gambling is possible only with legal gambling organizers

One of the key tasks of legal gambling is to create a safe playing service for people who want to gamble. It is necessary to provide conditions for the state to receive dividends, such as taxes and license payments, for business to work openly, and so that players' rights were legally protected. Currently, this system works even in the conditions of the war, which actually makes it pointless to play in unlicensed gambling establishments.

I have repeatedly emphasized that only gambling in legal establishments can guarantee players quality service, payment of winnings and observance of their rights. At the same time, those who play in illegal establishments expose themselves to serious danger and risk being left out of money at the very least.

Is the unwillingness to go through identification process and to pay taxes on winnings worth such risks? Currently, in addition to being rhetorical, this question is also value-based, because our country is in a state of war. Therefore, filling the state budget from any sources, including gambling, is very important. Illegal establishments do not pay taxes, do not buy licenses worth tens and hundreds of millions of hryvnias. They only create problems for the state and law enforcement agencies, which face a huge number of extremely difficult challenges every day.

Therefore, when making the decision to go to an illegal gambling hall, each player must ask himself/herself two questions: do I want to invest my money in a business that creates problems for a country at war? Perhaps it is better to go to a legal hall, get quality services, have a good time and support companies that help the state to defeat the enemy in addition to paying taxes and license fees? Besides, playing in legal gambling establishments and on online platforms has a number of advantages directly for the players themselves.

1. Guaranteed payment of winnings. A legal gambling hall or platform is required by law to pay the winnings to the player. In case of violation, the company will bear legal responsibility and serious reputational losses. In an illegal hall, no one will worry about honesty and the obligation to pay the winnings.

2. Personal data protection. If you play on a legal gambling platform, your personal data, including banking information, are securely protected. The probability that fraudsters will get hold of your data is minimal. In the case of illegal establishments, you voluntarily and knowingly provide your personal data to fraudsters, who can then use it for any illegal purpose.

3. Army support. Currently, playing at establishments or platforms of legal gambling organizers, you actually support the state in the fight against Russia. Many legal organizers, including members of the UGC, donate a portion of their profits or a small percentage of each bet to the needs of the army and civilians affected by the war.

Responsibility is the basis of gambling. In addition to the companies, the players should be responsible as well; they should clearly understand why legal gambling should be preferred. Therefore, once again I would like to urge all players not to ignore the main rule: use services of licensed organizers only if you want to spend time safely and enjoy the game without getting problems.


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