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Importance of the culture of using services of legal gambling organizers

Despite all the challenges that 2023 brought for Ukraine, the legal gambling sector survived. Moreover, in addition to meeting the indicators laid down in the budget, the industry even exceeded them by at least 23%. This is undoubtedly the merit of both the state regulator, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries, and all legal gambling organizers, which continued to pay license fees throughout the year despite economic difficulties. Maintaining this positive trend in the coming year depends not only on appropriate legislative and regulatory work, but also on the responsible attitude of players to gambling.

2023 became quite effective for the gambling sector. The level of fulfilment of budget revenue indicators reached 123%. This means that the state received more than UAH 1.969 billion only in license payments from gambling instead of UAH 1.596 billion. In addition to that, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries issued 1,869 licenses, which 3 times exceeds the number of licenses issued in 2022 (603 licenses). In addition to that, out of almost 2,000 issued licenses, one of the most expensive ones was also issued, namely a new license for bookmaking activities.

These achievements are truly impressive, considering the fact that all of them were made against the background of a full-scale war with Russia, and the fact that the gambling sector is far from a priority sector of the economy for the state, especially during martial law. At the same time, it is worth noting that all these indicators were met not thanks to certain efforts to create favourable conditions for the legal gambling sector, but despite them. After all, some key issues still remain unresolved, namely:

- Draft tax law 2713-д on arranging the taxation of gambling has not been adopted.

- There is no systematic fight against online illegal businesses (there are some efforts in the land-based gambling), as well as against lottery operators.

Unresolved issues mean loss of income for legal gambling organizers and the state budget, as well as lack of investment in the sector. That is, there is no appropriate legislative and regulatory environment that would facilitate the operation of the market and make it more transparent and understandable. This is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of any industry in civilized countries under normal conditions, not to mention when the state is at war.

However, in addition to the regulatory environment and legislation, there is another very important component of the market, the attitude of players to gambling. It must be clearly understood that illegal gambling halls and online platforms exist as long as someone uses their services. Therefore, the interest of players and their participation in legal gambling helps to fight against the shadow market, which brings nothing but losses and problems to the state.

Therefore, if you want your rights and money to be protected, use the services of exclusively legal gambling organizers who are liable to you and to the legislation. Unlike illegal businesses, they guarantee the protection and preservation of your personal data, payment of winnings and compliance with the principles of responsible gaming. In addition to that, it should not be forgotten that the absolute majority of illegal businesses have financial and other connections with the ruscists, and therefore finance the war against Ukraine. It is very unlikely that you want to participate in this.


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