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Every single gambling operator must have up-to-date licensing documents

Despite the war and numerous legislative initiatives to alleviate its economic effects on legal gambling operators, legal requirements are in force for everyone. Thus, obtaining and renewing licenses are carried out under the provisions of law, including the requirements for documents that should be contained in the operators’ license files.

During crises, let alone a full-scale war, all businesses face trying times and therefore hope for state support. However, easing the administrative burden on businesses does not mean that other legal requirements do not apply anymore. That is why all businesses wishing to continue operations must comply with legal requirements and bear responsibility for evading relevant obligations.

It is what the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries recently reminded legal gambling operators since they are directly responsible for the regular update of their licensing documents.

For instance, the CRGL statement says that according to the verification results of the documents from the license files, the validity period of certificates for the establishment of the relevant category hotels housing some licensees’ gambling establishments has already expired or is expiring. The Commission encourages licensees to update information on these documents to avoid sanctions stipulated by law.

In his recent interview, the Chairman of CRGL, Ivan Rudyi, also stressed the need to comply with all established legal requirements. By the example of TBK LLC, he demonstrated how the provision of false information or its concealment could create significant problems for the company, including the loss of license.

Updating information and licensing documents, which at first seems to be just a routine procedural requirement, in fact, serves several important functions.

First, it allows CRGL, as the main regulator, to monitor the changes undergone by legal gambling operators and take appropriate action as necessary.

Second, updating data and documents makes the market more transparent since they contain all the information about licensees and their activities, including information on the ultimate beneficiaries. In war, this is crucial since Ukrainian licensees are not allowed to be associated with russia.

Third, in case of violating the requirements for updating documents and information, it is possible to hold violators responsible, ensure the same license terms for everyone, and prevent the spread of illegal gambling.

Updating data and licensing documents is in the interests of gambling operators and the State that, even in a full-scale war, manages to maintain the functioning of the legal gambling market in Ukraine.

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