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Anton Kuchukhidze: The future of the gambling business in the implementation of social programs

In these days, a growing number of companies specialized in gambling are investing in compliance with the responsible gambling principles, social responsibility programmes and philanthropy. It is today an integral part of the philosophy of legal gambling operators all over the world.

During the 11-year ban on gambling in Ukraine, illegal operators have done their job by tarnishing the image of the gambling business. Even a year after the legalization of gambling in Ukraine and billions of hryvnias of internal revenue generated by legal operators, for many people gambling is still a “shady business” dealing with gambling addiction, damage to the family budget and other issues.

What is essential here is to recognize that, yes, illegal gambling is such a business. That is why the gambling industry was legalized in Ukraine to rectify this situation and ensure safety and social protection of gamblers. When entering a gambling establishment or using an online platform, a player must be confident of receiving an entertainment service and not becoming a victim of financial fraud and deception.

The positive aspect is that, despite the fact that the legal gambling market was established in Ukraine not long ago, the vast majority of licensed gambling operators are, in one way or another, involved in the implementation of social responsibility and charity projects.

How do legal gambling operators exercise their social responsibility?

It makes sense that at the first stage of the legal gambling market development business was primarily focused on issues related to regulatory policy, licensing and taxes. Today, as the key rules of the game become clearer, licensed operators are beginning to invest more in social projects and charity. And they do this very differently#nbsp;by:

1. Simplifying the identification and verification of players through integration with state electronic databases.

2. Promoting sports for children and youth, including sports for persons with disabilities.

3. Acting as sponsors and organizers of sports competitions, tournaments, and events; financing sports teams in various sports.

4. Creating player behaviour monitoring systems, which helps to identify players with risky behaviour and prevent excessive losses.

5. Investing in studies on the causes of gambling addiction and methods to combat its spread.

6. Providing charity support to some social institutions and rehabilitation centers.

7. Financing the implementation of digital services and projects in partnership with the State.

8. Fighting against corruption in football; opposing rigged matches.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of measures already taken by licensed gambling operators to protect gamblers, as well as actions having a positive social impact not only on the industry but also on society as a whole.

The implementation of such initiatives is crucial for legal gambling operators, demonstrating that gambling business can be transparent, clear and secure. The more such initiatives there are, the clearer the legal gambling will be for a large audience and the easier it will be to fight illegal operators.

Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of the#nbsp;Ukrainian Gambling Council, exclusively for the “Ukrainian News”


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