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Ukrainian Gambling Association became the first member of the Ukrainian Gambling Council

Ukrainian Gambling Council took aboard its first member, Ukrainian Gambling Association (NGO).

UGA aims to unite experts and consultants to assist the Government in raising awareness about the positive aspects of legalization of gambling in Ukraine, thus constituting the UGA’s contribution to the work of Ukrainian Gambling Council.

“On behalf of the experts who have been engaged in public awareness campaign for over a year and helped to dispel myths on the gambling industry, I would like to thank Anton Kuchukhidze for the opportunity to continue the creation of a transparent, modern and responsible gambling market in Ukraine. In the future, we also plan to launch a new regular analytical product which we will talk about later,” said Viktoriia Zakrevska, the new UGA Head.

“I am sure that UGA is in good hands, because Victoria is not only a well-known media expert, but also a PhD candidate in gambling studies. The overwhelming majority of market specialists do not have such educational background. It is through joint efforts that we will manage to strengthen the public image of gambling as a responsible business,” summed up Anton Kuchukhidze, Head of UGC.


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