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Statement of the Ukrainian Gambling Council on the regulation of work with Internet traffic

All members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council reaffirm their commitment to the provisions of the UGC Memorandum on Advertising, in particular clause 3.7.8 stipulating the following:

“Each Party must refrain from traffic pirating and misleading players on the Internet by using trademarks (including similar ones) of other Parties hereto.”

If problems arise in the above context, the UGC members have agreed to resolve all such issues through bilateral or multilateral negotiations between the parties concerned.

At the same time, UGC members have a number of problems with other legal gambling operators as regards the gentlemanly conduct on the Internet. The behaviour of some licensed gambling operators violates free competition principles established by the Constitution of Ukraine (Part 2 of Article 42 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

That is why we welcome the commitment of VULKAN CASINO’s representatives to dialogue on regulating the problem of issuing its brands within other companies’ traffic.

I would like to take this opportunity to urge the SLOTOKING company and other licensed companies, which violate the constitutional competition principles, to change their approaches to work in the above direction and not undermine the achievements of the gambling business legalization.

The Ukrainian Gambling Council is always open to dialogue. We are sure that only the combined efforts of all legal gambling operators will enable the development of a civilized gambling market in Ukraine.


UGC is an all-Ukrainian specialized gambling public association seeking to unite the entire legal gambling industry to ensure sustainable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. UGC acts as the main platform for communication between the State and the entire legal gambling industry. Today, the number of UGC members is 21 legal gambling operators, gambling organizations and media representatives.


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