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Early meeting the financial targets confirms the effectiveness of CRGL once again

The year has not yet ended, but the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) has already exceeded the state budget revenue targets established for 2023. As of 15 November, according to official information, more than UAH 1.608 billion of payments for licenses for the organization of gambling business in Ukraine was transferred to the State Budget of Ukraine, or 101% of the estimated amount of UAH 1.596 billion envisaged in the Law of Ukraine "On the State Budget for 2023".

CRGL Chairman Ivan Rudyi correctly stated in his post on Facebook: "War always requires a clear choice of side and allies. I would like to note that the tendency of businesses to enter the legal market is growing and this demonstrates that businesses voluntarily choose the bright side, getting rid of the shadow component in their activities."

Paying for licenses during the war is not only about the commitment of the legal organizers of the gambling business to the chosen path aimed at developing a civilized gambling market in Ukraine. It also about the high level of state support and understanding of the importance of faithful fulfilling one's fiscal obligations during the war. This position of representatives of the white gambling market also speaks of confidence in the future victory over the aggressor country.

As I mentioned before, the year has not come to an end, but inflow of revenue to the state budget from license payments continues. For example, just in the last two weeks, from 15 November to 1 December, CRGL added another 16.3% to the above-mentioned UAH 1.608 billion. That is, another UAH 263 million were transferred to the state treasury from the legal gambling sector. So, as of today, the budget revenue target for the current year from the gambling market has been exceeded by 117.3%, in absolute terms it amounts to UAH 1.871 billion. And given the trends, this amount will be even higher by the end of the year.

In general, since the beginning of CRGL's operation, the state budget received more than UAH 4.65 billion from license fees for activities in the field of organizing and conducting gambling. I would like to note that these revenues include only license fees excluding taxes.

Of course, the effectiveness of the work of the national regulator is measured not only by the funds paid by the licensees to the budget, but this indicator can be considered the most universal, since promoting the development of the legal gambling market in Ukraine is the main goal of CRGL. Moreover, the development of the market always means the growth of revenues to the budget. This thread is decisive.

Therefore, exceeding the targets for the payment of licenses indicates the steady development of gambling. I hope this trend will continue next year as well.


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