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About the gambling culture

Interest of players to use legal resources is an important aspect of the development of national gambling. Thereby, the players help to fight the shadow market, the participants of which do not pay licenses and are not legal organizers in the Ukrainian gambling sector.

According to the results of the period from 2022 to 2023, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries issued requirements to 205 organizations that provided online access to gambling without the relevant licenses.

In addition to the fact that illegal gambling businesses do not pay taxes to the state budget, they are far from observing the legal rules of the game and the rights of players.

There are a few more aspects that we cannot overlook when it comes to illegals in the gambling business.

No one can guarantee the protection of players' personal data on illegal websites either. Most of the blocked illegal websites were of Russian origin. Therefore, the funds received from the game could be used to finance aggression against Ukraine.

Of course, no one will ensure self-restraint and protection for those who have a gambling addiction in the shadow segment of gambling. However, all participants of the legal market are interested in building legal, competitive, equal and understandable principles of the organization and operation of the gambling industry, which meet international standards.

In addition to that, the illegal segment promotes gambling as a source of income, misleading inexperienced players. Illegal gambling businesses attract players with allegedly favourable rates, promising incredible pay-outs. A player is deprived of legal protection on illegal services; he/she does not have effective mechanisms to appeal against a certain decision of unscrupulous game organizers. As a result, promises turn out to be false, ordinary people suffer, illegal sites receive excess profits, and the state does not receive taxes and license payments. To prevent this from happening, players should know about civic responsibility.

Unlike illegal gambling business, legal participants of the market are interested in the formation of legal conditions for the development of gambling. This allows them to build clean, transparent, ecological conditions of relations both with the regulator, supervisory bodies, and with players.


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