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UGC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with higher authorities and the public

On 28 August, Chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Council Anton Kuchukhidze signed on behalf of the Gambling Council a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL), the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, the National Social Service of Ukraine, the State University Institute of Psychiatry, Forensic and Psychiatric Examination and Drugs Monitoring of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Coordination Centre for the Provision of Legal Assistance and the Responsible Gambling Centre to create a systematic approach to preventing and combating gambling addiction (ludomania).

The document was signed during a round table held by CRGL. Participants of the event also discussed further cooperation within the framework of the signed Memorandum. It provides for interaction, exchange of information within the limits provided for by the legislation, coordination of efforts and joint activities, as well as preparation, agreement and implementation of joint measures aimed at creating conditions for reducing and preventing social risks, in particular, people getting into difficult life circumstances related to the organization and conduct of gambling in Ukraine.

In order to achieve the purpose defined in this Memorandum, the parties may, by mutual agreement, invite other institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, specialists in the relevant fields, and public organizations to cooperate within the agreed areas.

According to Chairman of CRGL Ivan Rudyi, the Memorandum will initiate the creation of a comprehensive approach to solving issues related to potential severe gaming addiction, and will help to form a responsible gaming culture in the society.

"We plan to jointly develop and implement complex programs of prevention, rehabilitation and support for persons who developed gambling addiction. This is an important step in building a healthy, conscious and strong society," Ivan Rudyi noted.

On his part, Chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Council Anton Kuchukhidze emphasized that from the very beginning of its operation, the Ukrainian Gambling Council identified the drafting of regulatory and legal acts necessary for the development of the gambling market as one of its priorities. Ludomania prevention is a systemic task that is solved thanks to the cooperation of representatives of the gambling community and state authorities. Therefore, the signing of the Memorandum is an important step on the way to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders to achieve the most effective results.


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