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Statement of the Chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Council on pressure on gambling organizers

Unfortunately, Ukraine continues to exert pressure on legal gambling market players who operate in a legal environment and are conscientious tax and license fee payers.

In 2023 alone, the legal gambling business paid almost UAH 11 billion in taxes and UAH 1.969 billion in license fees to the state budget.

In addition, legal gambling companies invest a lot of money in charitable projects, support for the Armed Forces, implementation of humanitarian initiatives, and development of sports in Ukraine.

The blocking of companies' current accounts is a classic example of political pressure, and the allegations of links with russia and sponsorship of terrorism are nonsense. Full information on beneficiaries, management and the origin of funds is strictly checked before issuing a licence and is publicly available.

At the same time, government authorities and law enforcement agencies have a neutral stance towards illegal gambling service providers. Today, more than 1,200 websites operate in Ukraine without a license and without any responsibility regarding players.

UGC calls on the state authorities and the Business Ombudsman Council of Ukraine to stop arbitrariness against licensed market organizers.

UGC, as an institution that works to protect the interests of the market, condemns any illegal actions. This is how they want to drive the legal gambling business into the shadows.

I am convinced that a lobbyist of the lottery market is behind the pressure of certain government agencies. After all, only lotteries and illegal gambling benefit from this, not the state.


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