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Anton Kuchukhidze: The Ukrainian Gambling Council has been established in Ukraine

A gambling association has been established in Ukraine to consolidate all licensed gambling operators in the Ukrainian market. Today it is necessary to support all the positive achievements of the legalization of the gambling business.

The Ukrainian Gambling Council (hereinafter - UGC) aims to actually create a division in the public environment between legal gambling operators and real professionals with those entities who pretend to be such. Membership in UGC will mean participation in the family of all those who work on the development of the gambling business in Ukraine not in words but in deeds. UGC aims to become a central public platform that will actually produce professional approaches to the development of the gambling market for both individual gambling and the state as a whole.

One of the main tasks will be to provide the state with real expertise to deepen the effective operation of the gambling business. These proposals will be the voice of real operators, who create thousands of jobs for the state with their own funds, and not the theoretical vision of "experts" who, at least in practice, may not work in the sector. UGC is not about the status of one of the experts or operators, it is about the image of the whole industry. The state is critically short of real specialists to regulate many technical issues related to the functioning of the market itself. Therefore, here the UGC will act as an assistant to the state, and the operators will have an adequate mechanism to be heard without any carpet intrigue.

UGC will not promote anyone's narrow commercial interests, but will assist the state and business in implementing an effective state policy in the field of gambling. Today, legalization is positive enough for the state, business and society, but it is clear that this should not be stopped. The market is only at the initial stage of formation, much remains to be done.

UGC seeks to work actively to attract foreign investment to the state. One of the priority tasks of legalization of gambling for the state was just that. The formation of the national market is an important positive stage for Ukraine, but it does not fully reveal the potential of our state.

Consolidation of gambling market operators is also necessary for society, as it is necessary to fight many fakes and myths surrounding the gambling industry and change the mood of the population to respect the budget, create jobs and protect citizens and children from fraud, limiting access to children's gambling establishments, and fighting illegal operators.

Currently, UGC has agreed to join several operators. Gradually, a whole list of participants will be formed and presented to the public. Some are still being negotiated, but it is already clear to business that consolidating efforts in the areas of GR, PR and professional expertise can contribute to the real protection and development of the legal market.

The beginning has been made, and the result of UGC's work may be fairly assessed at the end of this year. The "state-business-society" triad should constantly feel the positive effect of the legalization of the gambling business.


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