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Ukrainian Gambling Council launched the UGC Index of Events, a series of expert studies in the field

One of the key activities of the Ukrainian Gambling Council is expert activities aimed at increasing the volume of qualified information on the gambling market development in Ukraine. And it is within this framework that we announce the launch of a series of expert studies UGC Index of Events.

The Index is a type of qualitative study aimed at an expert assessment of individual processes, events and decisions having a strong impact on the implementation and progress of the gambling industry reform in Ukraine.

We are certain of the importance of such studies, since until recently the subject of gambling generated little interest both as an industry and as a study object, in particular in Ukraine. Following its legalization and initial successes, the gambling sector has received increased attention of society and experts. And a comprehensive and objective study of this industry requires qualified information that is provided, inter alia, by the UGC Index of Events.

Commenting on the launch of a new series of studies, the expert group coordinator, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Council for Communications Viktoriia Zakrevska noted:

“It has been only one year since the legalization of gambling in Ukraine, and I am especially pleased to launch a series of regular studies UGC Index of Events, led by the Ukrainian Gambling Council.

The aim of such qualitative studies is to implement projects seeking to assess hidden processes that take place in various industries and are characterized by a high level of specificity. Gambling is such an industry, given its novelty and cross-disciplinary nature.

We are glad that delivering balanced information on the reform is understood and supported by UGC members and legal gambling operators, with whose support this project has been implemented.”

In the first study in the series, experts analysed four of the most pressing issues:

·The issue of gambling taxation (draft law No. 2713-д);

·Counteracting illegal gambling establishments;

·Resolving the conflict related to the establishment of CRGL;

·Promoting responsible gambling principles.

For the full text of the study, please follow the link.


UGC is an all-Ukrainian specialized gambling public association seeking to unite the entire legal gambling industry to ensure sustainable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. UGC acts as the main platform for communication between the State and the entire legal gambling industry. Today, the number of UGC members is 22 legal gambling operators, gambling organizations and media representatives.


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