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Ukrainian Gambling Council has joined the prestigious international expert team in the field

Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) has joined the ranks of the prestigious international expert team in the field of gambling – SBC Leaders.

SBC Leaders is a membership of high-level global gambling operators and professional associations established to bring together the best industry actors, exchange ideas, work on major global and local issues, drive innovation and enhance the overall image of gambling by promoting its achievements.

The current members of SBC Leaders include the following national associations of gambling operators: BGC (UK), BOS (Sweden), CGA (Canada), Spille Branchen (Denmark), iGEN (Malta), EGBA (EU), OIGA (USA), NOGA (The Netherlands), SWIMA (USA), Irish Bookmaker Association (IBA) and Ukrainian Gambling Council / UGC (Ukraine).

SBC Leaders also unite more than 50 leading international gambling companies such as Entain, Pinnacle, Paddy Power, William Hill, Yahoo Sports, etc.

UGC Chairman Anton Kuchukhidze commented on joining the group: “UGC membership in such a respectable organization as SBC Leaders is a major step in our public association development. It is also a signal and confirmation of strong interest of Western companies and experts in Ukraine. My ambitious goal is to turn Ukraine into a gambling hub in Eastern Europe, and we have every opportunity to do so. This goal may be achieved only if we are recognized in the West. By working with our partners from SBC Leaders, we will promote the positive image of our state and introduce gambling giants to the Ukrainian market. Numerous joint projects and meetings with global gambling leaders are ahead of us. Follow the collaboration between UGC and SBC Leaders. Let’s make Ukraine even more successful!”


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