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UGC became a member of the CRGL's Memorandum on the cooperation in gambling addiction prevention

The Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) continues its efforts to make gambling safer for players. As part of the implementation of this policy, on 28 August, CRGL initiated signing the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of combating the spread of gambling between representatives of government, business and the public. The main goal of the document is to establish systematic cooperation between all stakeholders of the reform in order to effectively combat the manifestations of gambling addiction (ludomania) among players.

We at the Ukrainian Gambling Council welcome CRGL's decision to start institutionalizing cooperation in combating the spread of gambling addiction in Ukraine and are grateful that we were involved in this process at an early stage. In my opinion, the signing of the Memorandum will allow creating effective mechanisms of coordination of efforts between all representatives of the sector, which will have a positive effect for business, the state and players. It will also make the market more civilized and therefore more attractive to Western investors.

The memorandum outlines boundaries of future cooperation and lays down the conditions for the creation of appropriate mechanisms that will enable implementing the developments.

The following areas of cooperation have been identified as priority ones:

- Promoting the minimization of harm from gambling and prevention of gambling addiction (ludomania);

- Creation of favourable conditions for reducing and preventing social risks associated with the organization and conduct of gambling in Ukraine;

- Development of regulatory and legal acts governing issues of prevention and combating gambling addiction, as well as rehabilitation of addicted persons;

- Assistance in the protection of rights, legitimate interests, as well as the organization and provision of services to persons with gambling addiction;

- Increasing awareness of the population regarding the possible adverse consequences of gaming addiction;

- Promoting the development of civil society institutions that provide assistance to persons with signs of gambling addiction;

- Formation of life skills, ability to face risks and threats associated with gambling addiction.

The memorandum also provides for facilitating taking informational, expert and analytical, and medical and preventive measures aimed at preventing and combating gambling addiction.

In this context, it is very important to deepen the dialogue between the business and the public sector with the state. And although ludomania has no pandemic nature in Ukraine, its manifestations should still be dealt with. This especially applies to the lotteries, which today are almost unregulated and very often imitate gambling, which in addition to violating the law, harms players, stimulating the spread of gambling addiction among them.

Even one addicted player is a lot, and that is why everyone should have access to qualified assistance when needed, as well as mechanisms to help limit their involvement in the game. At the same time, legal organizers must provide an appropriate level of information to players and encourage safe gambling behaviour so that the game remains fun and does not turn into a disease. All this requires constant coordination of efforts, so the conclusion of such memoranda with clear commitments of the parties is an important step on this path.


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