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The introduction of the State Online Monitoring System will contribute to the legal gambling develop

It is crucial that the national regulator, other responsible public authorities, and professional gambling community representatives strive to create and introduce the State Online Monitoring System or DSOM.

As you may be aware, the state online monitoring system is a specialized hardware and software system designed to:

· ensure monitoring of gambling operators’ economic activities;

· ensure compliance with license terms and technical standards;

· receive or transmit information in real-time from the relevant gambling equipment via the Internet or other communication channels, collect, process, accumulate and register information on accepted bets, paid winnings (prizes), payouts, and other operations related to the organization and conduct of gambling;

· ensure the protection of information from loss, theft, distortion, forgery, and its unauthorized destruction, modification, copying, etc., as well as unauthorized access via the Internet;

· ensure responsible gambling principles.

That is, the operation of such a system in each gambling establishment and on each website of licensed gambling operators will solve a number of problems related to keeping records of income and expenses, identifying gamblers with gambling addiction, harmonizing fiscal reporting, and creating all conditions for the comprehensive harmonization of the gambling taxation system in Ukraine.

As a result, a number of issues and claims to licensees from the State Tax Service will disappear, gamblers will know that they will receive all their winnings on time, and relatives of people with gambling addiction will receive guarantees that not a single licensed land-based or online gambling establishment will allow such a player to spend money on the game.

The introduction of the state online monitoring system is another step for Ukraine towards a civilized global entertainment market, as well as the right occasion to remind international operators again of the benefits of the Ukrainian gambling market.


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