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The Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries steps up its fight against illegal operators

Like a magnifying glass, the war quickly managed to reveal the noblest traits of people and business companies, as well as their most shameful qualities. Most Ukrainians and domestic business representatives are doing everything possible to help the State resist the hostile invasion and defeat the russian invaders. However, some of our citizens and commercial companies see the war as an opportunity to make quick and often illegal money.

Similar examples may be found in various economic sectors. Unfortunately, domestic gambling is not an exception to this bad practice. Illegal gambling establishments have significantly stepped up their activities, primarily in the online segment, and are trying to take players’ money by any means. They promise insane winnings, show seductive commercials on how to quickly and easily win money without doing anything by “just starting playing.” Such manipulations, due to their primitive propaganda of a single principle of “gambling guarantees a big win,” are especially dangerous during crises and force majeure situations, when a person is less critical of commercials advertising imaginary and mythical opportunities to quickly solve all their financial problems. However, it is these commercials that make it possible to quickly identify illegal operators and stop their activities.

One of the public authorities monitoring the work of illegal operators is the national regulator, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL). The Commission has become a platform to join forces with law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities to fight illegal gambling, since only the interaction of the regulator, law enforcement agencies and specialized associations of licensed gambling operators ensures the most effective model for combating illegal gambling.

Recently, CRGL initiated an interdepartmental meeting to counteract the activities of illegal gambling establishments and websites. In addition to representatives of the Commission and law enforcement agencies, experts from the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Commission for State Regulation of Electronic Communications, Radiofrequency Spectrum, and the Provision of Postal Services participated in this meeting.

During the online meeting, representatives of agencies discussed the following issues:

· introducing measures to ensure that no funds are transferred for the services of illegal websites and gambling establishments;

· increasing responsibility for organizing the operation of illegal gambling establishments;

· developing a draft road map of measures to stop the operation of illegal gambling establishments in Ukraine;

· establishing a permanent Interdepartmental Working Group to combat illegal gambling establishments;

· improving legislation on the early blocking of illegal gambling online resources by providers under a shortened procedure.

Only joint efforts of all interested parties will help overcome illegal operators and prevent the negative consequences of their activities in Ukraine.


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