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Statement of the UGC Chairman regarding sanctions against Parimatch international brand

Any industry always has difficult times. Currently, legal gambling sector of Ukraine is being tested for strength and maturity.

I would like to draw the public's attention to several points.

1. Law enforcement agencies must finally shut down illegal sites and underground illegal establishments. This will help strengthen the white market.

2. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies promptly and effectively oppose the operation of ruscists’ brands instead of Ukrainian ones, which direct their traffic to the territory of Ukraine and Ukrainian consumers.

3. I believe that the inclusion of members of our association PARIMATCH LLC and POKERMATCH.UA LLC in the sanctions lists is a mistake, and not a planned attack by law enforcement agencies against individual Ukrainian companies and against all legal gambling business in our country. I hope that security and law enforcement agencies will pay attention to the information that will be submitted to them for consideration and will change their positions.

4. I am convinced that Parimatch will be able to convey to all state agencies that it is right, because this brand took the principled pro-Ukrainian stance since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of ruscists in Ukraine: Parimatch stopped the operation of the franchise on the territory of the russian federation, and Ukrainian company PARIMATCH LLC began to systematically provide aid to all defence and security forces of Ukraine. To date, the company has allocated more than UAH 500 million for those purposes.

5. In situations where companies have some tax inconsistencies, it would be better to act through the tax service or the court instead of taking the harshest measures. This way, possible mistakes of individual law enforcement agencies can be prevented.

6. The UGC is always open to all government agencies regarding providing the information about the state of the legal gambling business in Ukraine.

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