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Statement of the UGC Chairman on the illegal gambling advertising

Dear colleagues, media, advertising business representatives, and public organizations!

During the war, the illegal advertising traffic from pirate companies grows dramatically, which is frustrating. As the Chairman of the professional association, whose members once signed the Memorandum on Gambling Advertising, I cannot bear to see the invasion of illegal brands and a bit flawed advertising of legal brands for Ukrainian consumers.

So I invite all legal gambling representatives to improve their advertising strategies in line with the Ukrainian legislation and our Memorandum. If this does not happen, I will apply to all relevant authorities with recorded violations and screenshots and submit them to all relevant authorities for the State to respond to such actions.

I am sure that everyone who wanted to familiarize themselves with the Ukrainian legislation on gambling advertising and the UGC Memorandum has already done it. However, if some legal market representatives or illegal actors believe they will always get away with it, they are gravely mistaken.

Therefore, I inform all illegal advertising customers and operators about the end of the transition period for everyone and that now we are starting to take substantial steps against the entire illegal advertising sector.


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