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Statement of the UGC Chairman on media attacks against licensed gambling companies

A systematic attack on licensed gambling companies has been going on for several weeks, especially on betting companies. It is clear that the media war was unleashed by enemies of legalization and illegal brands that are eager to conduct illegal activities in Ukraine. Some people do not like the fact that licensed gambling operators help the state in counteracting Russian aggression.

I receive many questions from media representatives and public figures with a proposal to explain publicly who is a licensed bookmaker in Ukraine.

I ask the representatives of the media, experts, representatives of public organizations to pay attention to the fact that in this statement I can only talk about the members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, which represent a total of 80% of the legal market for gambling in Ukraine.

According to Article 31 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Regulation of Activities Concerning the Organization and Conduct of Gambling" - bookmaking activities in Ukraine are carried out exclusively on the basis of a license to organize and conduct bookmaking activities.

Therefore, there are only two betting companies licensed in Ukraine among our members:

(1) Parimatch Ukraine.

(2) Vbet;

These brands have fulfilled their license obligations to the state and paid almost UAH 350 million to the state budget for the right to engage in legal bookmaking activities in our country during the 2 years of the legal market's existence.

As for the Favbet brand, they are also members of our Association, but as a licensed operator in the field of online casinos, because this brand has not received a bookmaker's license to operate in Ukraine.

If you have any questions or require any clarifications about the legal companies of our Association, you can contact us, we will help to establish communication with licensed operators to obtain relevant and professional information.

Dear colleagues, journalists, users of gambling services, representatives of the public sector, remember that the principles of responsible gaming are followed only by licensed companies. They have direct obligations to the State of Ukraine to adhere to fair business etiquette in the organization and conduct of gambling. The Association will continue to protect the interests of its licensed members.

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