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Social responsibility is not only for business but also for the State

During the war, domestic business demonstrated extraordinary devotion to the State and became nearly a textbook example of socially responsible behaviour.

Preservation of jobs, volunteering, charity and assistance to local authorities serve as an integral part of the work of legal gambling, including the Ukrainian Gambling Council members providing financial support for more than UAH 1,000,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence units, and temporarily displaced persons.

However, government institutions, within their authority and capability, act in line with social responsibility as well. Yes, in the case of government and other public institutions, it has its specifics and significantly differs from the business. However, the synergy of the actions of business companies and government institutions benefits the whole society.

For instance, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL), as a national gambling regulator, keeps gamblers and society constantly and comprehensively informed of gambling various social mechanisms. Recently, CRGL has created a specialized service on its website for individuals, where one may obtain the information on:

· how to apply to CRGL;

· when and with which CRGL member one can make an in-person appointment;

· how to get primary free legal aid;

· what one needs to know before using the services of legal gambling operators;

· responsible gambling principles;

· which gambling companies and websites are legal in Ukraine;

· who can gamble in legal gambling halls and what are the requirements of the current legislation for gamblers;

· the rights of legal gambling operators and the obligations imposed on them by the State;

· how and to whom one can report violations of the gambling legislation.

This communication mechanism allows anyone to quickly and conveniently learn about the legal gambling market in Ukraine, obtain information on gambling operators (company names, brands, website addresses, etc.) and, if necessary, complain about violations or inform about illegal operators.

Timeliness, accessibility, and balance are components of the information policy of the gambling market national regulator and an integral part of the CRGL’s socially responsible approach to potential and existing visitors to gambling establishments.

This policy complements the work of legal gambling operators in communicating with gamblers and their families.

Thus, the interaction of business and government institutions brings social responsibility to a fundamentally new level, which, in general, benefits society.


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