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Social responsibility is a feature of legal gambling

From the very beginning of its formation in Ukraine, the legal gambling market in Ukraine clearly established that it would be governed by the same rules and principles that are common in the civilized world, where gambling companies are socially responsible. In general, the social responsibility of business means operation not only for the sake of obtaining profits, but also for providing assistance to society in solving current tasks and problems.

Legal organizers in the gambling market usually focus on two basic categories that characterize social responsibility: human resource development and participation in community’s activities. Gambling companies are traditionally sponsors and patrons of sports teams and competitions, local infrastructure development projects, training and educational projects. In addition to that, they work together with the national regulator and local authorities to prevent the emergence of gambling addiction and to create an adequate perception of the gambling business as part of the educational industry, eradicating the myth that "gambling is a way to earn money."

Thus, thanks to the cooperation with the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) with local self-government bodies, the first social advertisement on the topic of conscious gambling has already been placed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, as well as in four regional centres, namely Odesa, Lutsk, Ternopil and Uzhhorod.

Social advertising aims to prevent gaming addiction among the population. "It is just a sort of entertainment, not a way to build wealth". This inscription once again calls for a responsible attitude to gambling and to perceive it exclusively as a form of entertainment.

The appearance of such advertisement is a part of CRGL’s ongoing efforts on the educational function and will continue in the future. Head of CRGL Ivan Rudy said, "We created an advertisement that warns that gambling is not a way of making money, and calls for a responsible attitude to gambling, in particular, its perception exclusively as a form of entertainment. Therefore, it was very important to enlist the support of local authorities in placing such a social message in different parts of Ukraine. We are sincerely grateful to the participating cities for their cooperation."

Only the legal market, in particular, the gambling market has the feature of social responsibility. Only companies operating legally are interested in implementing and using the principles of social responsibility in their activities, as they are focused on long-term and stable functioning. Unlike them, the underground businesses do not care about society's problems and their own image, because profit above all else is their main principle of operation.

Therefore, the appearance of social advertising developed by CRGL in the capital and regional centers is a sign that the legal gambling market continues to develop and feels its responsibility to society.


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