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Parimatch Ukraine is the first licensed gambling operator within the Ukrainian Gambling Council

Nataliia Hilevych, General Director of Parimatch LLC, and Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, have signed membership documents.

Parimatch is a world-famous sports betting brand, one of the most popular and innovative online betting platforms both in Europe and worldwide. The Parimatch brand was founded in Kyiv in 1994. Parimatch Ukraine is the part of a global group of companies and the largest sports patron in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Gambling Council welcomes its first gambling operator, Parimatch Ukraine.

“I am very glad that the first licensed company to join UGC is Parimatch Ukraine. Today, this is the company that has paid the largest license fee, which is certainly an immense contribution to both the state budget and the gambling industry development in general. I am sure that others will follow its example. I am pleased that Parimatch decided to join us in uniting people interested in developing the gambling industry in Ukraine and in establishing a transparent and predictable gambling market, so that Ukrainian customers are offered the best practices of responsible gambling. Today, I believe there is a climate for long-term successful and fruitful work within UGC for the benefit of the entire market, and on behalf of all members of our organization, I welcome Nataliia and her team of Parimatch Ukraine,” stressed Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of UGC, commenting on the entry of the country’s first licensed betting company.

Ukrainian Gambling Council is the NGO, the main goals of which are to develop an effective mechanism for dialogue between the Government and licensed gambling operators, as well as to facilitate the creation of a positive image of the gambling market in Ukraine. UGC has already proven itself to be a systematic and open body, and its main principles are openness, professionalism and democracy. UGC’s first steps suggest that the Council will become a platform for the entire market and experts willing to contribute to the development of the gambling market in Ukraine.

Among other members of the organization are specialized betting association, slot machines NGO, Azart magazine as the only specialized printed edition, and associations of specialists in gambling, IT and online monitoring systems. Other licensed gambling operators are also expected to join UGC. We have prior agreements with some of them, and are engaged in dialogue with others.

Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of UGC, is the Deputy Chairman of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission.

Nataliia Hilevych, General Director of Parimatch LLC, commented on joining UGC: “We understand the responsibility of being the first and so far the only licensed betting company in Ukraine. We are willing to further assist the state in building a transparent and fair gambling market. Our first priority is to ensure that this activity is completely based on the responsible gambling principles, and that Parimatch is associated exclusively with an honest, open and reliable business. The Parimatch brand became a pioneer that was closely watched by others who then followed our example.”


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