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Legal gambling has again demonstrated its compliance with the highest human rights standards

From the very first day of Russian aggression against Ukraine, international gambling companies, together with other companies from different economy sectors, began to withdraw from the market of the aggressor country.

After all, the entire civilized world has united in its desire to support Ukraine during the most trying times of its history. Everyone knows that not only the fate of the Ukrainian people and State, but the entire international security system is on the line.

Foreign gambling companies and associations help Ukrainian refugees, participate in protests, and run information campaigns against the horrible and unjust russian war.

By supporting Ukraine, global gambling operators prove that, in their opinion, our fight is just and believe in the victory of the Ukrainian people.

By leaving the russian market, international gambling has proved that universal values, namely human life, health, freedom, and peaceful life, are its top priority. And of course, legal gambling companies care about their reputation, because they believe that honest business is not about making money by any means, which means that it is not an option for gambling. The reason is that today any funds supporting the aggressor country’s economy help russians wage a bloody destructive war against Ukraine, kill Ukrainians, particularly children, and threaten the Western world.

In this way, a business segment, which is the subject of political speculation all over the world, has once again demonstrated its compliance with the highest human rights standards, as well as belief that no one may abuse these rights.

The level of development reached by top gambling companies allows them to put reputation first and look for the ways to work and earn money keeping their hands clean, demonstrating the growth of corporate culture within the gambling industry.


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