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Legal gambling continues to increase its social responsibility

Social responsibility is a fundamental feature that qualitatively distinguishes legal gambling organizers from illegal ones. For legal organizers, gambling is primarily a culture built around the player. Therefore, one of the main tasks for legal companies is to create favorable and safe gaming conditions that will prevent the spread of gambling addiction and help players perceive gambling as entertainment, not a method of enrichment. For this purpose, legal organizers have recently opened a space for social and psychological support for players called Life Space".

Since the first months of gambling legalization in Ukraine, companies that have received licenses to organize and conduct various types of gambling have clearly demonstrated their commitment to responsible gambling. Moreover, they have not only committed themselves to complying with the requirements of the law, but also took the initiative to self-regulate by signing the Memorandum of Understanding on advertising with the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) in October 2021.

In the context of a full-scale war with russia, legal organizers began to actively help the Armed Forces and the population affected by the consequences of russian aggression. Hundreds of millions of hryvnias in aid have become another vivid confirmation of the high level of social responsibility of the legal gambling business.

However, legal gambling organizers are not resting on their laurels, despite all the difficulties and criticism against them that has recently been abundant in the information space. As part of the social responsibility of the gambling business, UGC members Vbet and Favbet have opened a specialized "Life space" to support citizens. Specialists of this space will deal with both general emotional and psychological problems faced by citizens and directly with gambling addiction and prevention of its spread.

The main mission of the space is to help people with gambling problems and their families, as well as to promote responsible gambling through scientific and awareness-raising activities. The space is also designed to hold educational events and implement projects to prevent the spread of gambling addiction. In addition to psychological support, the space will also provide legal assistance to players and their families. They will be able to receive legal advice on including them or their family members in the Register of persons with restricted access to gambling facilities and/or participation in gambling.

The implementation of such a project is an important demonstration that licensed gambling organizers are ready to fully support the efforts of the CRGL and other government agencies to create a civilized, socially responsible, safe gambling market and work to improve the safety of gambling for citizens.

The main thing is also to keep in mind the need to continue the fight against illegal immigrants, as they are the main source of the spread of gambling addiction.



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