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GGPoker joined the Ukrainian Gambling Council

UGC unites licensed gambling organizers in Ukraine and is pleased to announce a new member of our union, one of the world leaders in online poker - GGPoker.

The online poker room GGPoker was founded in 2017 on the Isle of Man. He is a record holder of the Guinness Book of Records and a partner of world poker series, known for high-tech software, a huge list of games and a strong community.

In 2020, GGPoker managed to host the World Series of Online Poker Championship for the first time in history. The prize pool of the tournament reached a record $27.5 million, which has not yet been broken by anyone. Currently, GGPoker hosts large-scale poker series: WSOP, APL and Battle of Malta.

In Ukraine, the GGPoker brand will be represented by NSUS UA LLC, which received a license to organize online poker under the domain name

Commenting on the addition of a new member, the head of UGC Anton Kuchuhidze noted:

Today we are happy to announce that one of the world leaders, GGPoker, has joined our ranks. It is very important that our values ​​coincide from the point of view of the development of the gambling business in such areas as ensuring a responsible policy in the field of advertising, strengthening the positive image of the gambling business as socially oriented. We also have a common vision for the development of many public and non-commercial initiatives related to various fields: from poker and sports to social projects.

Thanks to the GGPoker membership, we can say that we have united 80% of the field of legal gambling poker in our organization, and we cannot but be proud of this. One of the priority areas of our partnership will be mutual support of international projects both abroad and in Ukraine.

The CEO of GGPoker in Ukraine, Serhii Romanenko, in turn commented on joining the UGC as follows:

GGPoker is a world leader in its segment and a big family of poker fans. I am happy that recently Ukrainian players were able to join our family. Of course, as a representative of a global brand, I am interested in transparent and clear rules on the market. Currently, it is just being born: the norms of the functioning of the participants and the control of activities are being formed, forms of interaction with the state are being established, and a new perception of the sphere in society is being created. It is in these processes, which open market perspectives, that I see the great mission of UGC.


UGC is a Ukrainian professional gambling public association, which seeks to unite the entire legal gambling industry in a single voice to ensure stable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. The UGC acts as the main platform for communication between the government and the entire legal gambling industry. As of today, the number of UGC members already includes 17 legal operators and public organizations in the field of gambling.


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