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Gambling and the state budget: There are funds, even despite the war!

The war in Ukraine has brought about changes in the work of all economy sectors, from food production to heavy engineering. The service sphere and entertainment sector, including gambling, were not immune to it either.

For instance, land-based segment of legal gambling has almost completely ceased its operations, except for a few cities in western Ukraine, where it still functions to some extent. At the same time, online gambling market continues to operate, although not as actively as before the war.

Like most business in Ukraine, licensed gambling operators help the State in the fight against Russian aggression.

In fact, all members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) uniting more than 80% of all legal gambling operators have already provided financial support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and continue to do so by arranging special charity tournaments, campaigns and other events, as well as allocating some of their profits for the army, territorial defense units and humanitarian aid for temporarily displaced persons.

UGC members include companies that not only provide humanitarian aid to the State, but also pay license fees at this difficult time. In this way licensed gambling operators once again prove that they believe in Ukraine’s victory and plan to further develop their business despite all current risks and challenging times of recovery after our victory.

Today, every hryvnia is important to the State. That is why license fees received by the state budget mean new weapons for the army, assistance to internally displaced persons, building supplies for the restoration of engineering infrastructure in the de-occupied territories, and so on.

For its part, the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL) notes that the gambling business continues to support our State’s economy and pays annual license fees even now, during a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. In general, in 2022, the budget has already received UAH 641.33 million in the form of license fees in the organization and conduct of gambling.

In addition, CRGL informs that the amount of annual payments for the next (second) year of the license validity period is now UAH 190.8 million, including:

UAH 23.4 million was paid by PARIMATCH LLC for a license to organize and conduct online casino games;

UAH 108 million was paid by PARIMATCH LLC for a license to organize and conduct betting;

UAH 36 million was paid by PRIMUM LLC for a license to organize and conduct gambling in casino gambling establishments;

UAH 23.4 million was paid by UKR GAME TECHNOLOGY LLC for a license to organize and conduct online casino games.

Right now, everyone helps the country in any way they can. And the key task of any business during war is to provide the State with the necessary funds, and its employees with wages. Despite all the difficulties, licensed gambling operators fulfil this task.


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