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FavBet became the Ukrainian Gambling Council member

The competence of the Ukrainian Gambling Council is reinforced with the accession of each new member. Today is such a day as FavBet has joined our association.

FavBet has been operating in the gambling market for over 20 years. Since 1999, the company has been confidently and systematically increasing its database of registered users, which today consists of more than 3 million people.

Besides Ukraine, FavBet is also represented in the gambling markets of Romania, Croatia, and Belarus. Since 2012, the company has been actively supporting the development of sports in Ukraine and other countries. In particular, it acts as a sponsor and partner of several football teams, international sports. and entertainment events. The company's portfolio also includes several charitable and sponsorship socially-oriented projects.

While commenting on theFavBet accession to theUkrainian Gambling Council, the head of the public association Anton Kuchukhidze underlined: “Today, FavBet became a member of the Ukrainian Gambling Council. This is good news, once again confirming that UGC is a common platform for the entire market. We strive to protect the interests of the whole industry, so we are pleased to welcome the FavBet team to our shared platform. I am convinced that the whole market will benefit from our joint efforts.

FavBet has extensive experience in many foreign jurisdictions. We are convinced that their expertise will benefit us all. The main goal of our two structures is to strengthen the development of the gambling market. This includes work on the reforming of the gambling taxation system and compliance with the social responsibility principles in the organization and conduct of gambling. We will also work together on advertising issues regulation. These are the three basic factors that will soon be decisive for the new stage of the gambling market development.

We wish the FavBet team success, are grateful for their trust, and are happy to work together to develop the entire gambling industry”.


UGC is a Ukrainian specialized gambling public association seeking to unite the entire legal gambling industry into a single voice to ensure stable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. UGC is the major platform for communication between the State and the entire legal gambling industry. Today, the number of UGC members already amounts to 15 legal gambling operators and organizations.


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