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Eradication of illegal gambling businesses will allow attracting Western investments to Ukraine

Prevention of the development of shadow gambling business in Ukraine and successful combating it requires joint efforts of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRGL), other state bodies and representatives of legal gambling.

In order to strengthen cooperation and agree on the specific steps needed to introduce the functioning of illegal online gambling, recently, on the initiative of CRGL, a working meeting was held with the National Commission for the State Regulation of Electronic Communications, Radio Frequency Spectrum and the Provision of Postal Services (NCEC) and the National Centre for Operations and Technology Management of Telecommunications Networks (NTNOC).

At the meeting, the possibility of ways to improve cooperation between CRGL, NCEC and NTNOC was discussed. One of the proposals was the creation of a special working group that is responsible for the interaction between these bodies and the development of specific measures to combat illegal gambling. This allows attracting experts from different sectors and combining their efforts to achieve a common goal.

The parties also identified options for implementing a centralized system of blocking illegal gambling web resources in the territory of Ukraine.

In addition to that, it was suggested to develop a special mechanism for prompt blocking of illegal gambling web-sites. This can be done through joint work of CRGL, NCEC and NTNOC, as well as with the help of law enforcement agencies.

The participants of the meeting emphasized the importance of constant monitoring and analysis of the situation with illegal gambling. This will help to promptly detect new illegal gambling sites and develop effective strategies to stop them.

"Only our joint and coordinated steps to stop the operation of online illegal gambling businesses allow us to prevent the development of the shadow gambling business in Ukraine," chairman of CRGL Ivan Rudyi said.

Let me remind you that illegal gambling is a serious problem. The delay in solving this issue can adversely affect the development of the legal gambling business in Ukraine. Investors in the gambling business and organizers are looking for stability and confidence that their activities are not hindered by illegal competitors.

To achieve success in combating the illegal gambling business and ensure the stable development of legal gambling in Ukraine, and the attraction of these Western investments is possible only due to the joint efforts of market participants.

Success of the state in combating illegal gambling is an important factor that affects the investment climate in this industry. If the state actively works on blocking illegal gambling sites, develops effective strategies to stop them and promotes the development of legal gambling, this creates confidence among investors.


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