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Champion TM has joined the Ukrainian Gambling Council

The Ukrainian Gambling Council continues to grow and strengthen its expertise in all sectors of the legal gambling industry. Today we are pleased to welcome a new member of our union, Asset Group LLC (Champion TM) B2B company.

Asset Group LLC was founded in 2011, focusing on the development of IT software. Since obtaining a license (decision No. 178 dated 27.04.2021), it has been providing gambling services, and today the company develops unique software for the Ukrainian market in compliance with all State requirements.

The name of the company means a “group of assets”, that is, a structure consisting of a pool of assets related to one item. This name was chosen for a reason, as the company is constantly developing and opening up new avenues, planning to become a large holding company and consolidate its position in the software market not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Commenting on Asset Group LLC (Champion TM) joining the Ukrainian Gambling Council, Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of the union, stressed: “The accession of not only legal gambling operators, but also B2B companies supplying specialized products and services to the industry is crucial for us. That is why today we are pleased to welcome UGC’s new member, Asset Group LLC (Champion TM).

The interest of representatives of various sectors in cooperating within our union helps us better understand the entire range of market needs and enhance competence in different industry sectors.

I thank Asset Group LLC for the trust. I am sure we have many fruitful years and many common projects ahead of us.”

In turn, the head of Asset Group LLC Taras Hupalo, commenting on joining the Ukrainian Gambling Council, noted: “We all seek to make it to the top in all legal gambling sectors in a fair and transparent competition. Well, at least, I hope so. And I can honestly say that the Ukrainian Gambling Council will play one of the key roles in achieving this difficult goal. We are very pleased that we can be useful and, together with the union, we will pursue multi-level objectives”.


UGC is an all-Ukrainian specialized gambling public association seeking to unite the entire legal gambling industry to ensure sustainable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. UGC acts as the main platform for communication between the State and the entire legal gambling industry. Today, the number of UGC members is 27 legal gambling operators, gambling organizations and media representatives.


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