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Chairman of UGC Anton Kuchukhidze: "Lottery lobbyists hid two essential things behind the topic of gambling addiction in the Armed Forces of Ukraine"

Anton, what do you think is the reason for such a close attention to gambling?

- It may look like a new attack for the public and the media, but for those who have been in this field for years, it is obvious that it is not. The fact is that on average, 17-18 websites provide online gambling services legally, including online casinos, bookmakers, and online poker. There are 1200 illegal websites. This powerful layer existed for all 11 years when the market was conditionally closed. Back then, lotteries had a monopoly. They actually issued sublicences for gambling, but according to the law, it was all lotteries. The pressure on the future legal gambling started from the moment the legalisation bill was introduced in the parliament. And after the legalisation, the pressure only increased. Read more


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