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Ukrainian gambling is part of the global entertainment industry

Despite the war, Ukrainian gambling still works, pays taxes, keeps jobs, and actively helps the State fight against russian aggression. The domestic gambling market also remains an integral part of the global entertainment industry, which is once again confirmed by its participation in global industry business forums.

On June 28-30, Barcelona hosted the 16th gambling forum, the World Gaming Executive Summit (WGES). For two decades in a row, WGES has been the biggest high-level event for the online gambling community, as well as land-based, lottery, and sports betting providers.

The broad representation, reputation, and global coverage, not to mention great networking opportunities in a highly professional environment, make WGES the most exclusive and influential gambling forum and those associated with it.

I am pleased that this year, despite such challenging times for our country, Ukrainian representatives at this forum proved that domestic gambling remains part of the global entertainment industry.

As a representative of the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC), a professional association uniting more than 80% of all legal gambling operators in Ukraine, I had the opportunity to inform WGES participants about what is happening with domestic gambling.

The Ukrainian Gambling Council is working to ensure that Ukraine, despite the war, plays its role in global gambling. For us UGC representatives, this event is crucial since we were able to resume our international activities at least in some format. This year, the WGES agenda experienced significant updates and, despite traditional lines of work, the following topics were covered and discussed:

· the spread of new gambling technologies developing at such a speed that in 2022 WGES launched a completely new start-up centre;

· the emergence of several young companies combining bold ideas, technical innovation, and entrepreneurship, which in the future can compete with famous and powerful global brands;

· the rapid development of gambling in the traditional gambling markets (Canada and the USA);

· gambling legalization in developing countries as a global trend with the implication of rapid development of hi-tech solutions in gambling.

At the forum, I held several meetings with representatives of various gambling associations, including BGC (Great Britain) and the Canadian market representatives. I can say that no one expected Ukrainian companies to work so earnestly during the war, help the armed forces and be able to keep their staff.

Everyone is impressed with the Ukrainian gambling case. It has become an example for many in Europe in terms of social responsibility and patriotism: the world’s top experts cannot give even five examples of the gambling business that stood up to defend its State publicly and in a businesslike manner.

This mood can help us after our victory since the international giants entering new markets will look for opportunities to get successful local projects, invest funds and resources in them and take them to new levels. And the higher our companies’ reputation and recognition, the more likely they will receive foreign investment.


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