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UGC Chairman’s statement on collecting proposals for the tax bill No. 2713-д

Dear colleagues!

Yesterday, the VR Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy held a meeting of the working group on the gambling taxation (draft bill No. 2713-д).

Boris Baum, the Honorary Chairman for the Development of Gambling Market at UGC, participated in the meeting.

So you have an opportunity to offer your vision of the tax bill before the end of the week.

UGC is an organization open to the entire market, so you can use our platform to communicate your own approaches to tax policy aimed at regulating the gambling business.

Email for proposals –

You do not have to submit your proposals in the form of a draft law. It can be a short analytical report.

Please, do not send special interest proposals due to the complexity of the issue. Let’s proceed from adequate market aspirations and not fight over unrealistic tax rates.

The basis for your proposals should be the draft bill No. 2713-д previously approved by the relevant Committee. If you know the way to strengthen it, let’s help each other in developing the market’s collective voice.


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