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Legal gambling supports the Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine

From the first days of the war, international and domestic business has been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians in standing against the Russian invasion. Even before the governments of different countries began to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, businesses which left Russia, suspended export of their goods to the aggressor country, revoked franchises and cancelled partnership or license agreements, came to the aid of Ukraine. The above steps have already been taken by representatives of domestic large and medium-sized businesses, neighbouring countries and multinational corporations.

Licensed Ukrainian gambling operators, the vast majority of which are members of the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC), did not stand back either.

For instance, Parimatch betting company announced the withdrawal of the franchise to use its trademark in Russia due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The holding is also developing limitations on the use of its brand in local sponsorship deals.

“There is no place for compromises! We have always been proud of our company’s Ukrainian roots, and in these difficult times we love our country even more. We strongly condemn military aggression against Ukraine and try our best to help it! Ukraine above all else!” the company said in its statement.

Also, Parimatch Tech allocated UAH 30 million for protective clothing, food, medicines and logistics. On the company’s website, direct transfers in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be made.

During English Premier League matches involving partner clubs, Parimatch will use billboards to call for support for Ukraine fighting against Russia’s military intervention in order to spread these messages around the world. The Ukrainian bookmaker also launched the reorganization of its warehouses in Kyiv. They were generally used to store branded products, and now a large number of these goods will be directed to the needs of Ukraine’s defence force.

Slots City company has also contributed, transferring UAH 1 million for the needs of the AFU. Oleh Kononchuk, CEO of Slots City, announced this on his Facebook page.

“We urge others to help our army in this trying time! We believe in Ukraine, we believe in the President, we believe in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!” Kononchuk wrote.

The company helps people by providing accurate and important information, for example, it made a list of pharmacies with insulin throughout the country.

The licensed online casino Cosmolot transferred UAH 500,000 to the “Come Back Alive” International Charitable Foundation. Cosmolot urged to help the heroes “fighting for each new day” and thanked them.

Another UGC member, the licensed operator of land-based and online casinos First Casino, donated UAH 1 million for the needs of the AFU.

Legal gambling has been operational in Ukraine for less than one year. But during this time, licensed gambling operators have proved their support for Ukraine not with words, but with actions. They have implemented a number of social projects for children and young people. UGC members act as sponsors of National Football League games and other sporting events.

Last year alone, the gambling business transferred almost UAH 1.8 billion in license fees to the state budget and contributed to the development of related economy sectors that paid up to UAH 30 billion in taxes to budgets at various levels.

Licensed gambling operators support Ukrainian army and the volunteer movement since they believe in the victory of the Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine over the Russian invaders and see their future in Ukraine.


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